Receiving Message By QuickBooks Web Connector

This message was received by QuickBooks Users While They were trying to import a available download of QuickBooks Web Connect file that ends with the extension of “.qbo” . Most of the users have reported this message to our technical support while they were importing their web connector file from their financial institution website.

Now as our technicians have taken a deep research over this concern they came up with various reasons which can bring up this message
which are:-

!“The Web Connect file doesn't contain any new transactions.”!
!“The transactions have already been imported.”!

!“Your Web Connect (.QBO) statement covers dates previously imported into the company file.”!

!“Your QuickBooks company file may be damaged.”!

Now here are the recommended solution which can fix the error. Incase you are not able to fix the error you may contact QuickBooks Technical
Support at 1800-440-0285

Solution 1- Correcting the Date

First thing to to be made sure about is that date range for a imported update shall be correct as well as it does not overlap.

Solution 2- Switching to register mode

● Open the Edit Menu and then go to Preferences.
● Now by using the left pane you shall select Checking and then go to the tab for company preferences.
● Click on Classic Mode ( Register Mode ) from the bank feed section.
● Click on OK.

Solution 3- Trying to download using test company file

● Open File menu and then click on new company.
● Select express start.
● Now on your newly created test company file add your bank account that is getting the issue in Chart Of Accounts.
● Now simply get your account for bank feeds.
● Again try to download the file in test company file.

After trying “Solution 3” you can get two results-

1. You were able to download your new transaction: this probably means that you are having issues due to problematic bank account or damaged company file. You must get a free consultation by QuickBooks Technical Support at 1800-440-0285
2. You failed to download in this file as well: in this case problem may be caused by web connecter that can be fixed by using solution 5.

Solution 4- Process of Deactivate/Create/Activate

● First you must deactivate the bank feeds for account.
● Now simply create a fresh bank account.
– Open the list menu and then click on Chart Of Accounts.
– When you are in Chart of accounts window you must apply right click anywhere on screen and then select “New”.
– Now select Bank as an account type.
– Continue by clicking Save & Close.
● Now you would need to merge both of the account by renaming your old account to the name of newly created account.
– Apply right click on old account and then select the option of Edit.
– Now you will see Account name field where you have to enter name of your new account.
– If warning message appear for merging click on YES.
● Now as you have merged the account set up you bank feeds to this new account.

Solution 5- Checking Web Connector

● First download and then save the .qbo file on your computer desktop.
● Now edit the .qbo file by applying right click on it and selecting notepad as Open With option.

● Now just simply review the downloaded file to look for some common errors like invalid characters, ampersand & invalid strings.
● Add missing data and edit the wrong ones.
● Make sure that all tags have data.
● Make sure payee name character limit is correct as these transaction may need to be fixed manually.
● Save the corrected .qbo file.
● Make sure to make a backup before importing.
In case the above solutions dont help you then only way to get then diagnosed and fixed is by taking free help by QuickBooks Technical Support