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Accountants and bookkeepers mainly use QuickBooks Desktop software for managing the books and accounts for their organisations and businesses. The software is of late is being regarded by the freelancers as well cause it is so easy to use.

The software has many versions, and one of them is QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. The  Enterprise version of the QuickBooks Desktop software is the best and the most advance function out of the three versions that the software has.

Suppose you are running a large scale organisation or a big industry. In that case, you must consider this version of the QuickBooks Desktop software because it allows up to 40 users to access the different files and inventories of the whole organisation

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Features

In the enterprise version of this software, you can track up to 1 million items which include lists, clients and different vendors related to your organisation. There are few other features in the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise are as follows:

  • Like in the other two versions, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise also allows you to add the P.O. number in the subject field of the emails that you are sending to your clients that will help you in the management.
  • You can send more than one invoice in a single mail to your clients.
  • The collapse columns help you to see the customer reports at one go now because of the comprehensive view.
  • In this version, you will also get a Company File button so that you can search from the numerous Company Files.
  • Like the Premier version, the Enterprise version also has a feature called Automatic Payment Reminder that helps you to send customised emails to your clients according to their due date.
  • You also get a Smart Help option so that you can quickly resolve your issue related to the software.
  • The software allows you to transfer the different files to different clients and accountants of other organisations.
  • The Enterprise version can also create and edit the inventory reports for better visibility of the data and the insights.
  • You can also keep track of and to make the best possible use of your sales and the other features like Buying, Packaging and the shipping.
  • You can also convert the estimated invoices into a professional estimation and send it to the clients with just a single click.
  • With the QuickBooks Enterprise version, the ability to set roles-based tasks for secure access also comes along with it.
  • There’s another massive feature called QuickBooks Inventory Center that helps you to manage the inventory price along with the costs of the same.
  • New features like searching items within transactions, combining multiple files are also one of the essential elements for a big industry like organisation.
  • There are also features which are very necessary for a big organisation is the Advanced Reporting, Advanced Inventory, Advanced Pricing that also allows you to customise things and help you according to the different situations.  


    These are the features that you get to see and take advantage of if you opt for the Enterprise version of the QuickBooks Desktop software. But before buying any of the versions, you must understand the configuration required for the Enterprise version of the QuickBooks Desktop software which is what is our next segment is all about, so please give it a read.

    Configuration requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

    If you are planning to buy the Enterprise version of the QuickBooks Desktop software, you must know about the configurations required for the same in your PC so that your PC fully supports the software and vice-versa. The configuration requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software are as follows: 

    • The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise minimum needs a windows 8.1 update one or above. Still, it is best suited or compatible with Windows 10 to its latest version which is supported by Microsoft.
    • The windows server that it needs are:
      • Server 2012 (or R2)
      • Server 2016
      • Server 2019
    • The processor that this version of the software needs is the 2.4GHz or above.
    • A minimum of 4 GB ram is needed, but the software works at its peak if you have an 8 GB ram installed in your PC.
    • The software needs a minimum of 2.5 GB disk space, and for the data files, you need the additional space installed on your PC.
    • If you are downloading the software from the Intuit server then it is OK otherwise you need to have a 4x DVD-ROM drive.
    • Good network connectivity has required a minimum of 1 MBPS for the QuickBooks Payroll and other online features related to the QuickBooks Desktop software.
    • For this software, you need to register the Product.
    • The minimum screen resolution that it requires is 1280×1024.
    • You can extend up to 2 extra monitors, and the default DPI settings are needed to be optimised.

    With the suggested configurations the Enterprise version of the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise will work wonders. And, also it will help you to manage the books and accounts of your organisation or the industry per se. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has all the features of the other two versions as well cause this is the highest upgrade in terms of purchasing the software for its elements. 

    QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise also has different features that are integrated by 200 other third-party applications such as QuickBooks Payroll, MS office suite, ERP and CPM to help you run the software more efficiently.


    In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise helps larger industry level organisations to manage their books and accounts. The QuickBooks Desktop software has three different versions which are as follows:

    • QuickBooks Pro
    • QuickBooks Premier
    • QuickBooks Enterprises

    The whole motive of this post is to educate you more about the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise version. If you read this whole post carefully, you will get to know more about the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software, its configuration requirements and the features of the same. Hope that you found this whole thing helpful enough and added some value into your information.